Why your parcels always show rejection by delivery

递接物流仓库不会无端拒收货物, 不会收取任何入仓费,有叉车卸货,有工人免费卸货


首先,除危险品货物外,递接物流仓库在工作日周一至周六早上 9:00 – 18:00 之间,不会拒收任何送仓的货物,买卖双方手机淘宝 App 显示的拒收,派送失败,无人签收,下班后不送/或无法派送,都会被快递人员在他们系统里备注成派送失败,拒收,等各种不实的理由,均不属实。因为备注权在快递人员/ 物流送货人员的内部系统,它们想如何备注就如何备注。但真实发生拒收有如下几种情况。

First of all,  DJcargo warehouse workers would never reject to receive cargo during working time from Monday to Saturday 9:00 – 18:00, except hazardous goods sending to us, such as  firework flame, Flammable and explosive chemicals, weapons…and all dangerous goods should be rejected when sending to us.

Online shopping APP like taobao shows information in buyer and seller’s phone that the parcel failed to deliver or rejected to receive fulfilled by courier guys are not true. because the comments are contrived by domestic courier or domestic transportation delivery guy, their platform, information updating authorities is controlled by themselves. but the truth of rejection to receive parcel has following factors

1. 非工作日送货到递接物流仓库,下班或非工作期间送货,无人签收

None working time, Sunday, or public holiday, sending cargo to DJcargo warehouse would be rejected accordingly, because no people working and warehouse gate is closed.

2. 送到仓库的货物包装坏了,在开箱或摇动检查发现有破损和异响,拍照取证,并拒收

Cargo packaging broken when delivered to DJcargo warehouse, we should open box checking and waggling, inside goods broken or unusual sounds from inside would refuse to receive. and taken picture as evidence show to customers


3. 仓库工作日(不包含节假日)周一 至 周六 早上 9:00 – 12:00,下午 13:00 – 18:00   中午 12:00 – 13:00 休息午餐时间,无人签收,但也并不会拒收,快递自己卸货,物流送货人员自己卸货,堆叠好,提供送货单找仓库签收,也可以签收

Working time from Monday to Saturday AM 9:00 – 12:00, PM 1:00 – 6:00 ( lunch time 12: 00 – 13:00 break time warehouse guying having lunch no receipt signing, but also no rejection happen, courier or delivery guy can unloading cargo themselves and make goods stack up and palletized, then let warehouse guy sign receipt)

4. 货物外包装没有唛头, 快递单上没有唛头,递接物流仓库附近的国内快递国内物流主动就不会送货到仓库来,它们会在自己内部系统备注拒收,这时客户会疑问为什么会拒收?实际并非拒收,货物根本没有送来递接物流仓库。

If cargo outside packaging and delivery note has no shipping mark, the domestics transportation and couriers station nearby DJcargo warehouse would not send cargo to us instinctively. later, they would comment “rejection”, “address wrong”, “failed to contact” ….  a series untrue information misleads customers into helpless cycle

Online shopping platform is prone to protecting personal privacy, its system automatically set default as hidden receiver’s information such as name, and phone number, in order to avoid personal information abused by crime. 


收件人电话和唛头被隐藏无法分辨唛头 / 这种隐藏只隐藏收件人姓名和电话,地址,邮编等信息不会被隐藏

Global freight service, DJcargo’s receiver name and phone number is act as an agent, no privacy matters, so if you purchase goods from online shop, set privacy unblock. 

DJcargo normally show its customer address as below



If receiver information is hidden, there is also a shipping mark behind full address revealing in delivery note, so courier guys would never refusing to deliver, and DJcargo warehouse would never rejecting to receive




要彻底解决这类问题,你需要在你的淘宝, 抖音,或京东App的设置里取消隐私保护
If you wanted to resolve this kind of problem, you should go online shopping platform to cancel privacy hidden function

procedure as below



DJcargo warehouse guy never refuse to receive goods by no reason, and we never charge any cent when receiving cargo, if big items we have forklift free to unload, as long as you heard of delivering charges to DJcargo warehouse, call 11183 to complain.